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Offering a Great 1099 Sales Rep Opportunity — Cardiovascular Device


Endothelix is looking for experienced Medical Device Sales Representatives to call on their existing contacts in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Wellness, and Anti-Aging physician offices.

We have been in the cardiovascular health testing business for over 10 years and recently launched the latest version of our flagship product, VENDYS-II. The Endothelix VENDYS® device performs a non-invasive, automated test that measures a person’s vascular function. In other words, how well do their arteries work? VENDYS® testing is medically reimbursable and usually performed in an outpatient clinic setting. Current VENDYS® users include physician offices in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Wellness, and Anti-Aging.

We are seeking well-connected independent sales reps who can call on existing contacts (in the listed fields) in their local geographic area. This is a potentially very lucrative opportunity with no cap.

Please send your resume (including a brief summary of your existing customer base relevant to this opportunity) to jobs@endothelix.com, and we will reply within 24 hrs. Thank you.

Attention Local Medical Device Distributors and Resellers: We welcome you to contact us for mutual opportunities.


Gas, meal, and parking reimbursement for approved visits to physician offices. Product training and demo devices are available. More details will be provided.


  • At least 5 years’ experience at selling medical devices or services to physician practices • A sizable list of existing customers (in the practice fields listed) to convert • Excellent communication skills, including phone-based and online presentations • Preferably trained in a medical, scientific, or technical career or educational degree