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Go Beyond Blood Pressure


It is time for clincians and caregivers to go Beyond Blood Pressure and monitor Endothelial Function. Endothelial function is described as a Barometer of Cardiovascular Risk. 

An analogy for Blood Pressure (BP) vs. Endothelial Function (EF) is comparing resting ECG vs. Stress ECG. Measuring EF requires stressing the arteries by occluding blood flow for several minutes. BP measurement however is like resting ECG, only shows the background status. EF measurement is like a treadmill exercise ECG and requires provoking the arteries. High BP (hypertension) may take a long time to develop but poor EF (endothelial dysfunction) is a much more dynamic and sensitive marker that responds quickly to physiological changes as well as interventions (pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic). Both BP and EF are functional markers of cardiovascular system.

 Now for the first time, VENDYS-II brings microvascular reactivity and endothelail function measurement to physicians’ offices in a completely automated and operator-independent office-based device. In fact, VENDYS-II includes both BP and EF. 


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