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Guidelines for Endothelial Testing

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New noninvasive approaches to the endothelium as a therapeutic target

Front Physiol 2021 . The Endothelium as a Therapeutic Target in Diabetes: A Narrative Review and Perspective Jose A Adams, Arkady Uryash, Jose R Lopez, Marvin A Sackner Affiliations collapse Affiliations Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, FL, United States. Abstract Diabetes has reached worldwide epidemic proportions, and threatens to be

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New insights into the role of INF in “hyperinflammation”, endothelial injury, and two different COVID outcomes

Transl Res 2021 Mar 5;S1931-5244(21)00052-9. COVID-19 and Cytokine Storm Syndrome: Are there lessons from Macrophage Activation Syndrome? Michael J Ombrello 1, Grant S Schulert 2 Affiliations 1 Translational Genetics and Genomics Unit, Pediatric Translational Research Branch, Intramural Research Program, National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, 10 Center

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Why Is COVID-19 More Severe in Patients With Diabetes?

Why Is COVID-19 More Severe in Patients With Diabetes? The Role of Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2, Endothelial Dysfunction and the Immunoinflammatory System Jacob Roberts 1, Antonia L Pritchard 1, Andrew T Treweeke 1, Adriano G Rossi 2, Nicole Brace 1, Paul Cahill 3, Sandra M MacRury 1, Jun Wei 1, Ian L Megson 1 Affiliations 1 Institute for Health Research and Innovation, University of the

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How to use endothelial function testing to detect “Residual Risk”

Practical Guidelines for Endothelial Function Testing in Primary Prevention and Detecting “Residual Risk” in Secondary Prevention Download Slides Download Papers Scientific Updates Sponsored by Endothelix Inc. View Archive

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Keto diet improves endothelial function with “pleotropic” role of βOHB –Published in JACC Focus Seminar

Therapeutic Potential of Ketone Bodies for Patients With Cardiovascular Disease: JACC Focus Seminar Salva R Yurista 1, Cher-Rin Chong 2, Juan J Badimon 3, Daniel P Kelly 4, Rudolf A de Boer 5, B Daan Westenbrink 6 Affiliations 1 University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Cardiology, Groningen, the Netherlands. Electronic address: https://twitter.com/salvareverentia. 2 Basil Hetzel

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Dr. Fuster’s top 100 picks from JACC 2020 and Dr. Naghavi’s top 5

JACC Editor-in-Chief’s Top 100 Picks Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD Each week, I record audio summaries for every paper in JACC, as well as an issue summary. Although this process is quite time-consuming, I have become familiar with every paper that we publish. Thus, I have personally selected the

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“Targeting the Endothelium to Achieve Cardioprotection” and “Preconditioning by Exercise: Role of the Endothelium”

Front Pharmacol 2021 Feb 2;12:636134. Targeting the Endothelium to Achieve Cardioprotection Nicolas Herrera-Zelada 1, Ursula Zuñiga-Cuevas 1, Andres Ramirez-Reyes 1, Sergio Lavandero 1 2, Jaime A Riquelme 1 Affiliations 1 Advanced Center for Chronic Disease (ACCDiS), Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacéuticas and Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. 2 Department of Internal Medicine (Cardiology

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Clinical Examples of Microvascular Endothelial Dysfunction Consequences of COVID-19

Front Cardiovasc Med 2021 Feb 2;8:636843. Microvascular Angiopathic Consequences of COVID-19 Margaret Nalugo 1, Linda J Schulte 2, Muhammad F Masood 2, Mohamed A Zayed 1 3 4 5 Affiliations 1 Section of Vascular Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO, United States. 2 Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington

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New Guidelines for Endothelial Function Testing in Patient Care

 How to Use Endothelial Function Testing in Patient Care (Practical Guidelines) View / Download Slides Scientific Updates Sponsored by Endothelix Inc. View Archive

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Rheumatologists want a bigger seat at COVID research table, pointing to COVID causing auto-immune diseases (linked to hyperinflammatory endothelial dysfunction)

Ann Rheum Dis 2021 EULAR points to consider on pathophysiology and use of immunomodulatory therapies in COVID-19 Alessia Alunno # 1, Aurélie Najm # 2, Pedro M Machado 3 4 5, Heidi Bertheussen 6, Gerd R Burmester 7, Francesco Carubbi 8, Gabriele De Marco 9, Roberto Giacomelli 10, Olivier Hermine 11 12, John D Isaacs 13, Isabelle Koné-Paut 14, César Magro-Checa 15, Iain McInnes 2, Pier Luigi Meroni 16, Luca Quartuccio 17, Athimalaipet V Ramanan 18 19, Manuel Ramos-Casals 20, Javier Rodríguez Carrio 21, Hendrik Schulze-Koops 22, Tanja A Stamm 23, Sander W

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