VENDYS II Has Arrived



VENDYS® measures vascular function using small temperature sensors attached to the fingertips. It detects blood flow during a standard 5-minute arm-cuff reactive hyperemia test.


VENDYS® technology is simple yet produces valuable information about one’s vascular physiology. VENDYS® is inexpensive compared to other devices such as ultrasound and laser.


VENDYS® is fully automated and operator-independent. The Vascular Reactivity Index (VRI) is calculated by automatic algorithms. VENDYS® is a perfect choice for researchers and clinicians.

Vasc. Function vs. Structure

Dr. Naghavi, the inventor of VENDYS and founder of Endothelix, explains “Functional vs. Structural” measures of vascular disease and how they complement each other.

The Hands and Heart Connection

The endothelial cells line the entire 60,000 mile network of microvessels in our body. Endothelial function in the hands correlates with endothelial function in the heart.

New Treatment of Endothelial Dysfunction

Ischemic Conditioning is a proven technique for improving vascular reactivity and endothelial function. VENDYS measures these results beautifully!

Dr. Hauser on VENDYS

Dr. Jack Hauser explains why VENDYS is valuable to his cardiology practice and how office-based vascular function testing can help his patients.

Is a Stroke in Your Future?

Dr. Rob explains vascular reactivity and endothelial function measurement as a tool for early detection and prediction of cardiovascular events.

VENDYS II – Introduction

This video briefly introduces Endothelix’s VENDYS II system. VENDYS II is the only FDA-approved automated office-based vascular function measurement device.



Enhance your patient care with the new office-based vascular function test.

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Why Should We Measure Endothelial Function?